5 Inspiring Basement Bedroom Ideas (Great as Guest Bedroom)

Basement bedroom ideas are always needed to improve the underground area in your house. Instead of leaving the basement dark and cold, use these ideas below to turn it into comfortable bedroom for guests.

Cozy Rustic Bedroom

Basement is situated beneath the ground, making it a little bit chilly. If you want to have a cozy bedroom in that area, you need to bring some warmth. Just use plenty of wood to build the bedroom.

Wood is such an excellent insulator and has great ability to keep the warm, cozy, and snug bedroom. Wood also absorbs noises, making the bedroom even more comfortable.

Cabin-Styled Bedroom

Cabin-Styled Bedroom
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A basement is slightly darker and chilly. It remains you a lot to a situation of cabin in the wood. If you want to build bedroom in basement with cabin-like design and style, you can easily do that.

Some of the best basement bedroom ideas to turn a usual bedroom into a cabin-styled are including:

  • Use a wooden bunk bed.
  • Use earthy tones as the color scheme of the room.
  • Use dimmer-styled lighting, such as wall sconces.

Elegant Basement Bedroom

Elegant Basement Bedroom
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Even though most people consider basement as the least appealing part, it is actually great to be used as guest bedroom. You can turn the basement into elegant bedroom to host guests during sleepover or short-stay.

There are many ways to bring elegancy to basement. The most important thing is to provide as many lights as possible. To do the trick, install lots of mirror. Mirror easily spreads light inside the room. Also, use neutral color scheme like white or pale yellow.

Bedroom with Staircase

Basement is always located underground. To enter that room, you need either staircase or ladder. If you want to make a basement bedroom with unique style, incorporate the stairs right into the bedroom. It will make the room look fabulous and sophisticated.

Use spiral staircase. It enhances the look of bedroom and eases your way down to the room as well. The best thing about spiral staircase is the fact that it helps save spaces. This is why it works well in smaller basement.

Basement Bedroom with Escape Route

If you are looking for small bedroom ideas to apply on the basement, you can find plenty of them. One of the most famous one is basement bedroom with escape route. This idea is great when your basement is pretty narrow but connected directly to the outside.

The limited space of the basement can be concealed by installing large upper windows. The windows connect to the outside of the house hence working as escape route. The large windows also help to bring natural light from the outside to the basement, making the narrow space feels more spacious.

When you need inspirations to turn your basement into livable space, such as cozy bedroom, those basement bedroom ideas above are exactly what you need. By getting well-inspired, your basement is no longer neglected and will surely become a cozy, warm bedroom.