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Although position among the numerous cat type popularity differs from year-to-year, a lot of the very same types appear year after year in the CFA (Cat Fanciers Organization) listing of the 10 most preferred cat types. Although technically it is not a breed, we have actually also included an additional type of feline to this listing, as even more homes consist of these cats than any kind of identified type.

The American Shorthair was one of the initial five types acknowledged by the CFA, as well as was originally called the “Residential Shorthair.” If you are seeking a reduced maintenance feline, the American Shorthair is right up your street.

They are well built cats, offspring of ancestors who arrived from Europe with the early pioneers, and also are full-fledged All-American cats, just as the offspring of those human pioneers are All-Americans today.


The Abyssinian, fondly called the Aby, is a dynamic as well as active pet cat. Numerous Abyssinians like water. Be prepared to supply plenty of interactive play for an Aby cat, as well as you will certainly be rewarded with life time loyalty. If you have power, wit, as well as enthusiasm forever, an Aby might become your best friend.



Sphynxcat on a classic chair
By Wunderfool/ Getty Images
With its almost hairless body, huge ears and also pixie-ish expression, you’ll either like or despise it at first sight. If you invest a little time around a Sphynx, you’ll locate them companionable, intelligent, and pleasant– all those high qualities one tries to find in an animal. Sphynx are outbound and also love to display, which makes them constantly sought in shows.

Siamese Cats

Although the breed standard has actually changed substantially throughout the years, Siamese, fondly referred to as “Meezers,” continue to be high in appeal for people looking for a pedigreed family pet. Whether it be traditional, typical, or contemporary, hundreds of hundreds of pet cat lovers state, “Make mine Siamese, if you please.”

Scottish Fold

Nico De Pasquale Photography/ Getty Images
While the Scottish Fold cat looks all its very own, the occasional kittycat will have perfectly straight ears. This is typical, although those cats that are shown are the ones with the forward-folding ears. However, the straight-eared cats are very useful in the breeding program. Scottish Fold kittens are all birthed with straight ears, as well as someplace around three or 4 months, the ears will certainly start to fold up on some kitties.

Whether folded or straight eared, Scottish Fold felines make exceptional family pets, loving as well as intelligent.

Residential Cats

Residential pet cats should have to be number 1 on this list. Nevertheless, the residential felines’ ancestors were about long prior to a lot of today’s acknowledged feline types were also understood.

Domestic cats, also referred to as “moggies,” “combined type,” and also sometimes simple “street cats,” are rich in background, and also there is no one-size-fits-all summary of them. Domestic pet cats can be large, small, fat, or thin, depending upon their lineage, diet, and also level of care.

Their colors as well as color scheme are myriad, with all the colors of the rainbow, including black, white, grey, red (aka “orange), with all the shades between. Color patterns consist of:

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