5 Amazing Facts about Outfit All the Time

We often take outfit for granted. It is always available as basic human necessity. But what else do we know about it. This article will share 5 amazing facts about outfit.

These facts will help people understand that outfit is not just put together in a whim. It goes through thoughtful process in the design and assembly. Wearer also takes an active part in that. Here are the outfit facts.

Clothing Experience Decrease in Price

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Perhaps you often complain about clothing expense every month. The trend keeps changing all the time. Many people feel the importance of following the latest trend to apply to their outfits. But the expense is not as high as in the past.

Truthfully, the cost of outfits has been declining since early 1990s. In the past, people have to pay comparably more money just to obtain clothes to wear. The price’s decline occurs due to globalization. Cheap labor and materials are more attainable.

Most Outfits are Made of Cotton, Linen, and Polyester

There are various fabrics used to make clothes. Cotton, polyester, and linen materials are still designers’ favorites, though. Some reasons underlie the choice to transform these fabrics more often compared to others.

First, they are without doubt cheaper than other materials. Unlike several other fabrics that are more expensive, these materials are also relatively easy to work with. There is no need to employ specialized production process to transform them to clothes.

The Origin of Necktie

Among 5 amazing facts about outfit is the origin of necktie. It used to be one of popular formal accessories for man. However, nowadays women also find good use for it. Many of you probably do not know about this piece of accessories.

Truthfully, necktie has very long history. The first known-neckties were worn by Croatian merchants. It became popular when Louis XIV wore it. Paris aristocrats started to wear them as well. Now, there are selections of necktie designs to choose.

Limited Size Choice of High End Fashion

People who wear high end fashion only place small percentage in the demographic. The price of such fashion class definitely plays role in that division. Those who are able to afford expensive clothes are the ones who wear them.

Do you know, though, that high end fashion has limited size selections? The clothes are made for people between 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 8 inches. If you are too fat or too short, you will not be able to wear branded clothes comfortably.

Napoleon Invented Buttoned Sleeves

Buttoned sleeve is quite the style. It adds flare of elegance to any outfit, for men and women. Do you know that this style was introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte? He was baffled that his troops would rub noses on their own sleeves.

Starting from there, it became widely used by fashion industry who often takes inspirations from military outfits. There are more variations too. It is definitely a brilliant idea that worth to be added into 5 amazing facts about outfit list.

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