How to write a gothic short story

Many story genres have their own uniqueness.

Gothic fiction is a subgenre of horror, with examples of writers who often make this genre stories are Wilkie Collins, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley and H.P. Lovecraft.

The Gothic genre consists of an atmosphere filled with fear, gloomy natural scenery and supernatural experiences.

You can write gothic fiction stories based on your personal experience.

Today we will share you about how to write a gothic short story in right way.

How to Write a Gothic Short Story in Right Way

Tips for making Gothic short stories are:

1. Looking for ideas for writing Gothic stories

Determine the time of the story took place. Gothic stories that you make do happen in the past or now.

Gothic stories usually occur in the past, can be a century or longer. Past stories are identical to supernatural events and scary characters can be trusted by readers.

Gothic stories now usually incorporate modern technology and ancient things, for example, Bram Stoker’s story of ancient vampires and castles but there are typewriters and trains.

The selection of settings is very important to create a creepy atmosphere.

The important arrangements are for example haunted houses, destroyed buildings, and old castles that are perfect for gothic stories.

Making characters is just as important as choosing the right settings.

The characters in the Gothic story are divided into heroes or non-warriors.

In gothic stories, there must be at least one character that the reader likes, for example, Victor Frankenstein is an example of a good hero, even though he was created mosquito.

2. Add gothic elements that make the reader interested

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These gothic elements are usually supernatural elements. Make one of the characters in your story as ghosts, werewolves, vampires or other magical creatures.

You can use settings to create a scary atmosphere. Add children’s character to the story.

They are usually a target to be feared or in danger.

These children will build a tense atmosphere.

Add predictions or curses in the story.

Predictions will make the reader curious and interested in knowing more.

Adding a girl in trouble can also make the story more interesting.

This young girl can be the main character or love partner of your main character.

Tell the reader about the girl’s situation (feelings, actions and what she says).

This is also the important tips on how to write a gothic short story.

3. Write your Gothic story

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At the beginning of the story do not give too much information about the background and characters in your story.

Save its information to explain later. Maintain an atmosphere of gloom and terror throughout the story.

Enter lots of details like howling dogs, dark corridors and also the moon to maintain a spooky atmosphere and terror throughout the story.

Gothic short stories (for more info check this website: usually display the death of one or more main characters.

Use lots of actions and details to describe the character’s death.

Gothic fiction stories often end with a twist that causes readers to be curious about the story’s events.

An example of a twist in a Gothic story is the reappearance of someone who has died.

However, you can also experiment with other types of a twist.

One of the famous authors Edgar Allen Poe includes a twist that makes the reader ask about the character’s finality of death.

To get more info and tips related to writing various genres of stories can be seen at various websites. Good luck

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