10 Great House Exterior Design For Your Home

Home sweet home could be house sweet house; of course, when someone feels that his or her house is the best place to go.

To make the realization of the house sweet house, you can improve many ornaments with house exterior design for your home.

Balancing Shapes with Symmetry

Balance and symmetry play an important role, like in all types of design, in order to achieve a well-designed space.
The facade of every home needs some looks of balance and symmetry in order to appear pleasing to the eye and properly designed. You can choose whether the combination of the arranged-stones or even trees to just make the good-looking balancing shapes with symmetry.

Colors Combination

Don’t be confused if your house belongs to city house. It doesn’t mean that it can’t have its own personality and its own look.

Take a brave in playing the colors’ combination. Show off your city house to be different of others. These three homes have vastly different appearances despite being built together.

Moving In All Directions

Be creative and out of the box! Who says that walls have to flat? You can challenge your view by having different dimension of your house. Use the uncommon house exterior design for your house. Besides the dimension, you can put different color for more house exterior design ideas.

Rambling Ranch

Irregular spot is fine for your small house. Don’t be worry if you don’t have large building. You can play more with the large field in front of your house for your house exterior.

The green look and shady texture help much in bringing new house’s performance. You can plant flowers or even trees as the “sweet things”.

Eye-catching Detail

To balance out the field stone along the bottom of the exterior, your green trim grasses are suitable for it. The curvy land of your house exterior makes your house higher. Also, adding a stone ladder could add more artistic design to your home.

A Stone Faced Facade

Mixing and matching materials is always a fantastic way to add depth, texture, and dimension to any house exterior design for your house. The chimney may add the antique look for the house.

Fully green grasses that cover the field around the house show the friendly zone for the children play with the pets. The high wooden fence uses for the exclusiveness of the area.

Although its good and all, the maintenance to your exterior need some scaffolding or step ladder to do that. Well, its worth the trouble considering how beautiful your home will be.

Exterior Color Combinations

Again, color can play up so many features of home exterior design for your house. Paint your front porch a bright fresh white to draw the cozziness entrance. The small and short trees also bring shadiness.

You could actually add some in-build step jual tangga lipat, so in case of emergency, you could always have a way to escape. All in all, this is a nice design you should look forward to build into your home.

Luxurious Exterior Design

Mixture of sliding wall and sliding stair with the light on it brings sophisticated house exterior design for your house. The scenery of it is very awesome with the green plants collaboration. Its an elegant and luxurious design.

While its a small point, to maintain cleanliness on the above windows, you need to provide your maid or staff with some kind of step ladder. The design will not look as good if not maintained properly.

Tropic Vegetation

The next perfect house exterior design for your house is vegetation that surrounds the house. You can adjust vertical timber and stone panels as part of the facade.

Probably the best spot of vegetation house exterior is on the roof terrace where owners may feel like they are in the forest instead of in their home.

Modern House Exterior

The main point for this house exterior is its simplicity. This modern house exterior appears closed from the street to secure its privacy but open in the backyard side where the swimming pool is located.

All the buildings are painted with monochrome base. The eye-catching part of this design is balconies. Just as the interiors, modern house exterior is great representation of what modern design is.

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