Get to know Satria, Indonesian Satellite Candidate to be Launched in 2023

Speaking of satellites, Indonesia is known as Palapa, a satellite launched on July 8, 1976 ago. However, soon Indonesia may be proud of itself. Because, Indonesia will soon have the largest satellite in Asia! This satellite is named Satria, which stands for Satellite Republic of Indonesia.

The plan, Satria will be built at the end of 2019 and will be launched in 2023. Get to know more about Satria, let’s go!

1. Results of collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Information and Thales Alenia Space

Friday (3/5), the Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology signed a cooperation agreement on the Multi Function Satellite project. The project, named Satria, stands for Satellite Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the French satellite company, Thales Alenia Space.

2. This satellite is designed to meet internet needs

Indonesia has indeed fulfilled satellites, but only to meet cellular communication needs. While Satria itself is specifically designed to meet internet needs. In addition, Satria is planned to be intended to reach a wider area, especially the 3T (frontier, outermost and left behind) and border areas.

3. Satria will reach 150 thousand points throughout Indonesia

We all know Indonesia is a very broad country. It is estimated that Indonesia’s land area reaches 1,919,000 km². So, a satellite is needed that can cover the geographical conditions of our country. The plan, there are 150 thousand service points that will be reached by Satria.

In detail, this point includes 54,400 points in Sumatra, 19,400 points in Java, 19,300 points in Kalimantan, 13,500 points in Bali and Nusa Tenggara, 23,900 points in Sulawesi and 18,500 points in Papua and Maluku. Meanwhile, for its purposes, 93,400 points were intended for schools, 47,900 regional office points, 3,700 health service points and 3,900 for political, legal and security sectors (polhukam).

4. The plan will be operated in 2023

The Satria Project is planned to begin at the end of 2019 and will be completed in 2022. The duration of 3.5 years is the time needed to design this project and will be officially launched in 2023. For your information, Satria will be in orbit 146 BT and operate using Very High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology with a capacity of 150 Gbps.

5. How much funding is needed for this project?

How much is the funds disbursed by the government for the Satria project? The Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara, revealed that the total funds disbursed were IDR 21.4 trillion.

This fund is used to design, operate and maintain for 15 years. This number is indeed quite large, but it is comparable to the results, how come!

6. Aimed at development outside Java

With a capacity of 150 GB, Satria is specifically intended for 10,000 schools outside Java. This is based on encouraging non-Javanese centric growth and development, so that there is even distribution in all regions of Indonesia. There are 93,900 points in Indonesia that are not covered by fiber optic cables such as Kalimantan and Papua so that the presence of new satellites is needed.

7. Manufacture of warriors is based on factors of cost efficiency and broad coverage

Despite having other satellites such as Palapa D, Lapan A3 and Indostar II, Satria satellite remains urgent to launch. The consideration is because of the factors of cost efficiency and broad coverage. Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) The Ministry of Communication and Information revealed that conventional satellites were rented at a cost of Rp. 18 million for each Mbps.

Meanwhile, with Satria having Ku-band satellites, the budget has dropped to IDR 6 million for each Mbps. In addition, Satria has a wider range of satellites currently available. It is estimated that Satria will reach up to 150,000 points!

Well, that’s a unique trivia around Satria, a new Indonesian satellite candidate. Are you ready to welcome his presence in 4 years?



Is it Healthy to Wash Every Day? This is the Effect of Real Shampoo on You!

Bathing activities include sabunan, tooth brushing and shampoo. The problem of washing this hair is often a debate. Some people choose to wash their hair every day, while others argue if it can damage the hair.

Do you really need shampoo every day? Is this healthy? The following is a little explanation regarding these hair problems.

1. The purpose of shampooing is to make your hair feel fresher

Unlike the skin, cleaning your hair needs more special care. Water can indeed sweep away dust and other impurities, but not so for odor and oil problems. The use of shampoo can get rid of dust, dirt and odors and oil, making your hair moist.

2. Moist hair is good, but too moist can damage it

Moist hair is not easily damaged or looks dry and dreaded. But too moist can cause hair to look greasy, weak and dirty. That in turn reversed the situation: the shampoo activity that wanted to nourish hair instead of damaging the hair like not washing it at all.

3. Shampoo is able to clean the hair because of the sulfate and surfactant content

Shampoo can clean your hair thanks to the chemical content of surfactants and sulfates. Surfactants remove impurities on the surface of the scalp and hair.

While sulfates create a lot of foam which can remove oil from the hair. This helps your hair look cleaner, but too much will damage it.

4. Washing your hair with shampoo every day is too much

It is said by a hairstylist from New York, Elle Kinney, if washing your hair every day is actually too much.

“You need to give your head a chance to balance and become natural. Leaving it two to three days without shampooing will be much better, but if your hair isn’t oily easily, you can do it even longer, “Elle Kinney said, quoted by

5. Washing with water is more than enough to clean the dust

What is not a problem to do every day is to wash it with water. Water is enough to clean dirt and dust on the surface of the head. But back again, it’s all your choice which depends on your own hair type.

6. Hair that is easier to dry is curly

Dry hair is often a separate problem and often is experienced by owners of curly hair. Dry hair is also often found by those who have thick hair, those who are old, and those whose hair often gets chemical processes, such as frequent hair coloring.

7. While oily hair can occur in your head as it enters puberty

For problems with oily hair, it often comes into the summer where you sweat more often. Even a few hours after shampooing, you can immediately get it. The other factors that cause oily hair are because the hormones change, such as at puberty.

8. Not washing your hair with shampoo every day can even provide many benefits

Some of the benefits are that your hair looks shinier, softer and more natural, a color that looks better and lasts longer, and rarely dandruff. But under certain conditions, shampoo is highly recommended, such as being exposed to parasites or head lice. Even then it must be with a special shampoo and not carelessly.

In conclusion, the shampoo every day is not good, unless your hair does need special care. What about you? Do you shampoo every day? Or every once a week?


Minimalist Bathroom Vanity in Beautiful Variations

When it comes to bathroom vanity, choosing the right size is definitely the most important rule.

But it is not only about that. You better consider the drawers number, the sinks number, and some other essential elements related to minimalist vanity.

Let us talk about the size first of bathroom vanity first.

Standard vanity widths start from twenty four inches to seventy two inches.

Smaller bathroom vanities usually are used in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

If you have master suite, it is good idea to pair two of thirty six inches or thirty inches vanities in the room.

Tiny vanity is perfect for tiny bathroom where the entire things must fit together so the space can be maximized.

Small bathroom vanity can also offer handy storage solution for towels or tissues.

Completing Various Bathrooms with Minimalist Vanity

1. The right vanity for family bathrooms

minimalist vanity cabinet

For family bathrooms, there are midsize vanities that let you to designate the drawers to individuals.

Those vanities have shared storage space that will house some general supplies.

For master bathrooms, use a pair of midsize vanities that are linked with bridge which create double styling spaces.

So we must take more attention to choose the right style to get a good bathroom.

2. Largest minimalist vanity for biggest bathrooms

minimalist vanity table

Big bathrooms need largest vanity that is extremely roomy to hold two sinks separately.

The largest vanity will also offer a lot of extra room. Largest vanity is designed for the master bathroom.

Ample storage usually is added to the largest bathroom vanity in order to accommodate the needs of everyone using the shared bathroom.

3. Minimalist bathroom vanity in various base styles

modern minimalist bathroom vanity

First type of vanity’s base styles is called toe-kick.

This vanity style usually is made from solid wood.

There will be slat that is also made from solid wood covering space between bottom of vanity and the floor.

The slat gives built in and functional quality to the vanity. Does this style suit your style?

4. Minimalist bathroom vanity with leg base

minimalist vanity ideas

Just like its name, this bathroom vanity has legs that will reinforce fine furniture look.

Those legs make your bathroom vanity looks like drawers’ chest or dresser meja that are meant to be displayed.

If you want to show your vanity off, one that has legs is the right one to choose.

5. Famous floating vanity for extra minimalist bathroom

minimalist white vanity unit

This one is also known as wall vanity, has no toe kick nor legs.

Among the other styles of bathroom vanity, this floating vanity is the cleanest and most minimalist.

Floating vanity is not only perfect for minimalist bathroom but also for tiny bathroom.

It takes no floor space which means it makes tiny bathroom feels more spacious.

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