Minimalist Bathroom Vanity in Beautiful Variations

When it comes to bathroom vanity, choosing the right size is definitely the most important rule.

But it is not only about that. You better consider the drawers number, the sinks number, and some other essential elements related to minimalist vanity.

Let us talk about the size first of bathroom vanity first.

Standard vanity widths start from twenty four inches to seventy two inches.

Smaller bathroom vanities usually are used in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

If you have master suite, it is good idea to pair two of thirty six inches or thirty inches vanities in the room.

Tiny vanity is perfect for tiny bathroom where the entire things must fit together so the space can be maximized.

Small bathroom vanity can also offer handy storage solution for towels or tissues.

Completing Various Bathrooms with Minimalist Vanity

1. The right vanity for family bathrooms

minimalist vanity cabinet

For family bathrooms, there are midsize vanities that let you to designate the drawers to individuals.

Those vanities have shared storage space that will house some general supplies.

For master bathrooms, use a pair of midsize vanities that are linked with bridge which create double styling spaces.

So we must take more attention to choose the right style to get a good bathroom.

2. Largest minimalist vanity for biggest bathrooms

minimalist vanity table

Big bathrooms need largest vanity that is extremely roomy to hold two sinks separately.

The largest vanity will also offer a lot of extra room. Largest vanity is designed for the master bathroom.

Ample storage usually is added to the largest bathroom vanity in order to accommodate the needs of everyone using the shared bathroom.

3. Minimalist bathroom vanity in various base styles

modern minimalist bathroom vanity

First type of vanity’s base styles is called toe-kick.

This vanity style usually is made from solid wood.

There will be slat that is also made from solid wood covering space between bottom of vanity and the floor.

The slat gives built in and functional quality to the vanity. Does this style suit your style?

4. Minimalist bathroom vanity with leg base

minimalist vanity ideas

Just like its name, this bathroom vanity has legs that will reinforce fine furniture look.

Those legs make your bathroom vanity looks like drawers’ chest or dresser meja that are meant to be displayed.

If you want to show your vanity off, one that has legs is the right one to choose.

5. Famous floating vanity for extra minimalist bathroom

minimalist white vanity unit

This one is also known as wall vanity, has no toe kick nor legs.

Among the other styles of bathroom vanity, this floating vanity is the cleanest and most minimalist.

Floating vanity is not only perfect for minimalist bathroom but also for tiny bathroom.

It takes no floor space which means it makes tiny bathroom feels more spacious.

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